While still growing year-over-year, the Chinese auto market has shown signs of descending from its previous rocket-like ascent over the past several months. General Motors even resorted to price cuts on many models there in hopes of spurring sales. The tactics haven't worked, though, and the latest thing dragging down the country's car sales has been the booming stock market.

According to Bloomberg, the exchange in China has already doubled in value over the past year. Many buyers have put off the purchase of an expensive new car in favor of getting in on the boom. As an indication of how huge this rush has been, as many people have started trading so far in 2015 as in the last four years combined.

This boon to the Chinese economy is wrecking havoc on the vehicle market, though. "People are not buying cars, no matter how big the incentives. People want their money in the stock market, " Cui Dongshu, secretary general of China's Passenger Car Association, said to Bloomberg.

China's domestic automakers are actually benefiting from this changing market, though. Their inexpensive models are selling great, and brands like Great Wall and Geely are seeing volumes improve by 26 percent and 25 percent, respectively, according to Bloomberg.

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