You always have to be vigilant on a motorcycle. Take this helmet cam video as an extremely unfortunate example of that. While waiting at an intersection, the rider has to watch while a Toyota RAV4 backs over his cycle. He was lucky not to suffer any injuries in the freak occurrence, but the bike sustained serious damage.

The rider laid out the whole story on Reddit and explained that the person behind the wheel of the RAV4 was a student driver. The motorcyclist says that he was aware of the crossover, but never expected it to reverse at high speed through of the intersection. With no time to really think, he chose to bail off the bike, and the decision might have saved his life.

"The video ends where it does because there is absolutely nothing exciting happening afterwards," the rider wrote on Reddit. There wasn't any yelling afterward; they just talked. Police gave the student driver a ticket when they arrived.

The bike might be finished, though. In a separate post on Reddit, the rider says that the accident "pierced the engine and the gas tank," bent the radiator, and did a lot of other damage, too.

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