A quick-thinking pedestrian who narrowly avoided being crushed by the contents of an out-of-control truck in Brazil, last month. Now he's being praised for starting to clear the road just seconds after his near miss. Whether he was tidying up due to shock or a strong sense of civic pride, we can't say.

The crash occurred in a suburb of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jalopnik reported. A truck lost its load of fizzy soda after taking a tricky curve too fast. The ensuing avalanche of pressurized high fructose corn syrup bombs skidded across the road, nearly colliding with the pedestrian. Luckily, he was able to quickly find a nook to escape the onslaught. After he realized his good luck he started clearing the road of the debris that almost took him out in a haze of soda moments before.

According to the Globo.com, the video was captured by a nearby homeowner's security cameras. He told the Brazilian news site that this stretch of road is known for frequent car accidents. Luckily no one was hurt, though the crash did cause $300 worth of damage to a gate and nearly broke a water pump.

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