SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo revealed [w/video] [UPDATE]

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UPDATE: As promised, we attended the reveal of the SRT Tomahawk, and have a short writeup of the car, just below.

Gran Turismo 6's "Vision" cars have provided a semi-tangible playground for automakers and gamers alike, since the games launch. The latest impossibly swooping effort comes to us from FCA's SRT division: the SRT Tomahawk that you've seen teased a few times already.

FCA invited us to Auburn Hills to experience the Tomahawk firsthand. More importantly though, SRT wrangled none other than Kazunori "Kaz" Yamauchi, the father of Gran Turismo, to join us. There were a lot of old-heads in the conference room that couldn't care less, but I was in geek nirvana. (Yeah, I even did a selfie.)

And what a concept it is. SRT tells us that the hypercar represents a vision for 20-years in the future (though it isn't laser-powered like one of its rivals). That means a crazy specification sheet, of course. The SRT boasts a hybrid gasoline-pneumatic powertrain, with a nearly flat, wide-angle, 7.0-liter V10 driving the rear wheels, and air propulsion pushing the fronts. The sum total being a whopping 2,590 horsepower that should help you set your personal record on the GT6 track of your choice.

SRT actually found the original car, the one with the full amount of horsepower and more adaptive aero than Gumball grid, to be kind of a handful to drive for beginners. So, when the car comes to market it'll do so with three flavors, S being around 700 horsepower and the most relaxed, GTS-R the middle child, and the full-blow X.

I drove the new car (which doesn't have an official launch date yet) on some GT6 simulator setups in all three trims. A good lap around Lagun Seca (the course we were benchmarking) took me around one minute in the S, and 50 seconds in the X. Believe me when I say there's more time on the table – some of the SRT guys were hitting 45 seconds. That's massively quick, and Kaz even remarked, "The people at SRT are very good Gran Turismo players. I think a lot of them are better than I am." Humble to the last.

I imagine that the hardcore GT6 set will find this a tasty addition to the game, even as they pine for the Gran Turismo 7, to see what the Polyphony team can do with a next-gen system. Until then, enjoy the Tomahawk, and remember: don't lift, ever.

SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo

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