CPO Tesla Model S EVs can be had for around $55,000

Automaker Touts 200-Point Inspection, Limited Warranty

Teslas for the 99-percenters? Well, not quite. But after about a month of Tesla Motors selling used Model S electric vehicles on its website, prices are starting to creep down just a little bit.

Hybrid Cars recently found a used electric sedan that could be had for as little as $56,000 from Tesla. That was the amount for a Model S with 23,000 miles on it in New York, and we all know how well cars some cars are taken care of in New York. But each vehicle in Tesla's certified pre-owned program (CPO) goes through a 200-plus-point inspection and comes with a four-year or 50,000-mile limited warranty, making the prospect a little more palatable for anyone wanting to take the plunge. The cheapest one we could find today was a Model S 60 with only 4,000 miles on it in Florida for $60,000.

We'd noted back in October that Tesla had guaranteed that it would buy back Model S sedans from owners who wanted to dispose of them after three years, and that there was a CPO vehicle sales program in the works. That plan went into effect about a month ago, when Tesla started posting listings of used vehicles on its website. The prices at the time ranged from about $61,000 for a model with about 18,000 miles on it to as much as about $97,000 for a P85 variant of the Model S.

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