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Tours of the USS Arizona Memorial have been suspended after a ship struck the tribute to the sunken battleship while attempting to dock in Pearl Harbor. It's unclear whether the USNS Mercy, the lead ship of her class, or the tug contracted by the US Navy to help her dock, collided with the memorial, spokeswoman Abby Wines said.

The Navy Times is reporting that divers from the National Park Service, which manages the monument alongside the Navy, are assessing damage below the surface. Above the water, though, the report indicates that the ramp and handrails that connect the dock to the memorial were severely damaged.

"At this point it's not safe for visitors or anyone to land there and disembark at the memorial," Wines said, adding it was unclear how long tours would be suspended.

The USS Arizona Memorial was established in 1962 to commemorate the sailors and Marines killed aboard the Pennsylvania-class battleship during the 1941 Pearl Harbor attacks. Of the nearly 1,177 servicemen killed aboard the ship, 1,102 and remain entombed within the sunken battleship.

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