So, Southern Californians, here's a little math question for you. If Toyota is offering about $3,000 in incentives on the Prius in San Francisco and just $2,500 in perks in Los Angeles, is it worth it to take the trip up? Yes, but barely.

Looking to goose sales in by far its largest US market, Toyota is continuing many of the incentives it started in April to reverse the trend of falling year-over-year Prius sales, according to Green Car Reports.

Specifically, Toyota is offering discounts worth about $3,000 in San Francisco, though many of those incentives expire May 26, Green Car Reports says, citing Cars Direct. Down in LA, those incentives are worth about $2,500, though they do extend until June 1.

While US Prius sales fell last year, they did rise two percent in California. Through April, the four Prius variants combined for sales of 15,235 units, down 15 percent from a year earlier.

And for those looking to do a little comparison shopping, a one-way flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco is running about $200, while that drive down will cost about $30 in gas (it is a Prius, after all). Factoring in the rides to and from the airports, though, we'll call it a wash.

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