WAVE 2015 likely to set new EV record in June

Over 500 Plug-In Vehicles Scheduled To Take Part In Rally

Last night, the WAVE organizers posted to Facebook that the 2015 edition of the electric vehicle rally has received its 508th registration for the parade. "Horray, we're going to set a World Record!!" the group posted (in German) on Facebook. Since there are still a few weeks to go before kickoff, nothing is guaranteed, but there's a good chance that the 10-day electric rally through the Alps will be bigger than last year's event, which drew 498 electric vehicles, and will beat the current world record of 507 vehicles that was set in September 2014 in the Silicon Valley.

Whatever the final number ends up being, we like that the 2015 WAVE is now prepped to set a new record for the most plug-in vehicles gathered in one place at some point in June. That gives the Californians something to shoot for to take the record back.

WAVE takes place from June 21 to June 21 and winds from Eastern Germany through the Alps and four countries. The mass of vehicles will be made up of both production plug-ins as well as prototypes and DIY conversions. WAVE is organized each year by the Swiss solar pioneer Louis Palmer, the man who circled the globe in an electric taxi back in 2007 and 2008. Last year, 80 teams made the 10-day drive. You can find out more at the WAVE website or the groups Facebook page.

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