Watch the 200-plus-year-old USS Constitution sail into dry dock

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At well over 200 years old, the USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned naval vessel on the planet. She served with distinction during the War of 1812, earning the nickname Old Ironsides after cannon fire from the HMS Guerriere just bounced off her hull.

Over 200 centuries after its legend-making fight against the British, Old Ironsides is taking a break from guarding Boston, and sliding into drydock for refitting and repairs. You can watch that fascinating process thanks to a pair of time-lapse videos, showing the 44-gun frigate slide into the ancient Dry Dock 1 at the Boston Navy Yard. She'll spend three years in the dock, so that workers can make a number of repairs, including fitting new copper on the hull, repairing worn rigging, and replacing rotting wood planks, Foxtrot Alpha reports.

Check out the main video up top, and then scroll down to see the dry dock being flooded ahead of the Constitution's entrance.

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