That sound you hear (in theory, because we know how quiet electric vehicles can be) is the sound of used electric vehicles headed to the Rocky Mountain State. The reason? Colorado has a bit of a legal loophole that allows owners of used electric vehicles to get EV tax credits from the state, according to Green Car Reports. But make sure to charge up, as that's a pretty heavy uphill climb from the Great Plains.

Colorado offers incentives worth as much as $6,000 for buyers of new electric vehicles, with the exact amount based on how much more the buyer paid for the EV compared to the price of a similar gas-powered car. But, if the vehicle is used, comes from out of state, and hasn't used its vehicle identification number (VIN) to previously collect an EV incentive in Colorado, it will qualify for Colorado's perk. Somewhere, John Denver is smiling.

Colorado has long been associated with the green-energy, crunchy-granola movement that you would think would to spur some heavy-duty EV adoption. Still, the state's EV-charging infrastructure doesn't exactly reflect that. According to the US Department of Energy, Colorado, which makes up about 1.6 percent of the US population, accounts for two percent of publicly accessible plug-in vehicle charging outlets in the country.

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