Police release 911 call from dad who forgot baby in back of car

Police have released the 911 recording of a Massachusetts man who left his one-year-old daughter in the back of his car Wednesday while on his way to work.

The man parked at a mass transit center in Quincy, MA, and headed to his train, not realizing he hadn't dropped off his daughter at day care.

"The baby had fallen asleep in the child seat, and I went into autopilot," the man said in a statement to WCVB. "I had what I thought was a safeguard procedure against this in place that I neglected to use today. Obviously, we will be doing more to prevent this going forward."

He called 911 from the train and explained what happened. Quincy police went to his car and found the baby safe. She had been in the car only 35 minutes. The man involved call the experience the worst day of his life and thanked the police for their prompt response.

He's lucky he realized his mistake when he did. On average, 38 children die every year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Even in mild outdoor conditions, the inside of a car can reach lethal temperatures in mere minutes. Children are particularly vulnerable to high heat, because their bodies heat up at a rate much faster than adults,

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