Ronin 47 motorcycles ride by Jay Leno's Garage

As far as sport bikes go, Buells are hardly what you'd call "commonplace" by any stretch of the imagination. This latest bike to stop by Jay Leno's Garage, however, is even more obscure. And that's just the way its designers want it.

It's called the Ronin 47, and it's based on the Buell 1125 – albeit thoroughly redesigned. After Harley-Davidson shut down the Buell brand, a small outfit in Denver bought up 47 units and went about transforming them into the beautiful oddities you see here.

They've got a liquid-filled radiator where you'd expect the headlamp to be, flanked by tiny projector beams and sitting atop a novel fork design that gives the rider more adjustability than the usual piston setup.

Ronin Motorworks will only build those forty-seven examples, inspired by (and named for) the Japanese legend of the 47 wandering samurai that these all-American sport bikes must have felt like since the Motor Company shut down their master.

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