Weekly Recap: Autonomous driving goes commercial in Nevada

Plus: Notes On McLaren F1, The Chevy Volt, And Lamborghini's SUV

Daimler's Autonomous Trucks to Be Tested in Nevada
  • Daimler's Autonomous Trucks to Be Tested in Nevada
  • Germany’s Daimler rolled out the Inspiration on Tuesday night. A self-driving truck that has been granted a license for road use in the state of Nevada. Dipti Kapadia reports.
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  • Daimler's Autonomous Trucks to Be Tested in Nevada
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Nevada granted Daimler Trucks North America the first license to run an autonomous commercial vehicle on public roads in the United States Tuesday, marking another milestone in the technology's rapid advancement.

Gov. Brian Sandoval and Daimler truck chief Wolfgang Bernhard promptly used the license to lap Highway 15 near Las Vegas in a newly revealed Freightliner Inspiration Truck. It was a clear signal that autonomous driving is big-rig reality, though it's still a long way from widespread use.

Nevada certified two of Daimler's Freightliner Inspiration Trucks, which use the company's Highway Pilot system with a stereo camera, radar, and lane-keeping collision-prevention features to regulate the brakes and steering. The radar component has a long-range sensor that can cover 820 feet at an 18-degree angle and a shorter-range unit that stretches 230 feet at a 130-degree angle.

The Inspiration trucks are based on the existing Freightliner Cascadia Evolution model used on US roads. In addition to the autonomous technologies, it also has futuristic design cues, including blue lighting in the front and a new hood and grille.

While there are only two Freightliner Inspiration trucks in existence, Daimler expects to bring the Highway Pilot system into mass-produced big rigs by 2025, in time to capitalize on the market's predicted growth. The German truckmaker predicts the global hauling market will triple by 2050, and the United States will be a key part of that growth. Trucks carry 69.1 percent the nation's domestic freight tonnage and hauled 9.7 billion tons of freight in 2013, according to the American Trucking Association.

Daimler expects autonomous driving to augment this growth, and perhaps evolve the role of the truck driver. Still, the company points out autonomous tech is not meant to replace drivers, but to assist them and relieve fatigue and monotony on long hauls. The driver has to stay in control for passing, in city traffic, and when hooking up the trailer.

The company said autonomous driving also offers the potential for improved fuel economy – tests showed a five-percent gain – and lower maintenance costs. Daimler also said the technology could reduce congestion on the road. Much of this is attributable to the constant flow of traffic, which is aided by autonomous driving.

While the benefits are becoming increasingly apparent, autonomous technology is still met with skepticism. But it's not going away, and as Tuesday illustrated, even the largest trucks on the road are capable of running on autopilot.


McLaren F1 Racecar McLaren debuts darker livery at Catalunya

McLaren is debuting a "dynamic, predatory, graphite gray" livery on the MP4-30 this weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix at Catalunya. The color scheme is a darker departure from the chrome silver treatment that McLaren admitted caused reflection issues during bright sunlight and night races. The 'gray' is so dark it almost appears black in pictures, prompting another team that wears sinister livery, Lotus, to tweet out: "Let's not be adding any gold to the livery ok." McLaren has worn liveries that incorporate silver, black, white, and red since 1997. Red and white are still featured in the new scheme.

2016 Chevy Volt Next-gen Chevy Volt gets a price cut

Chevrolet redesigned the 2016 Volt to better connect with mainstream buyers, and its latest move might prove the most effective: a price cut. The new generation of the Volt will cost about $1,175 less than the outgoing model and start at $33,995, including destination. A federal tax credit can cut that to $26,495, and additional incentives in California can further slice it to $24,995. The new Volt is more fuel efficient and can travel farther under electric power that its predecessor. It's also wrapped in a more contemporary design, which like the price cut, is meant to lure more customers.

Lamborghini Urus Italy offers Lamborghini incentives to build SUV

Italy has been working on a sport utility vehicle for years, and as we've reported it's still mulling the final decision. To urge things along, the Italian government is set to offer about $113 million in incentives if Lamborghini will build the crossover there, Bloomberg said. The government wants Lambo to hire 300 workers in exchange for the incentives. Lamborghini revealed the Urus SUV concept in 2012 amid much fanfare, though it hasn't announced production plans.

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