If Jessi and Patrick are going to complete Autoblog's list of 1,001 car things to do before you die, they'll need to put in some time at various driving schools to learn the basics (and beyond). Their journey began at Skip Barber Racing School for some performance driving tips. Next came the opportunity to drive an F1 racecar at the Formula 1 Experience. Finally, our hosts head north to Team O'Neal Rally School in snow-covered New Hampshire.

Watch as Jessi and Patrick get schooled in this "best of" compilation of The List. If you like what you see, stay tuned to watch the full episodes, or click here to go directly to our episode archive and pick out some of your own favorite moments of The List to revisit.

The List #0001: Graduate From A High Performance Driving School
The List #650: Drive A Formula One Car
The List #0178: Attend Rally School

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