Boy builds 'supersonic' soapbox racer

An English boy who built a "supersonic" soapbox racer got to meet the man who inspired his new love of engineering on Tuesday.

Nine-year-old Joel Blomfield is an aspiring engineer. He idolizes Royal Air Force fighter pilot Andy Green, who is currently involved in the creation of a supersonic vehicle called the Bloodhound. So Joel decided he would enlist the help of his dad to create his own imitation Bloodhound car.

Joel and his father, Will, told the Bristol Post they spent many cold nights in the garage assembling a soapbox racer using items purchased on eBay. In total the project cost about $150.

Joel had the opportunity to show off his "supersonic" soapbox racer to hero.

"It was epic and awesome for Andy Green to like the car," Joel told the Post. "He said it was very similar to the Bloodhound car. It was the best day ever."

Joel's soapbox racer tops out at about 20 mph, just short of the real Bloodhound's 1,000 mph.

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