It took nearly 13 years for popular Bollywood actor Salman Khan (pictured right in above photo) to be sentenced to five years in prison for allegedly hitting five people with his SUV, one of whom was killed. On May 6, the movie star was found guilty of culpable homicide, rash and negligent driving, and being intoxicated at the time, according to Time.

The tragic incident that began the legal odyssey occurred in September 2002 when the Toyota Land Cruiser that Khan was in struck five people on a sidewalk in Mumbai. The actor denied both being drunk and being behind the wheel at the time. However, witnesses disputed those assertions. Khan fought the allegations tooth and nail from the very beginning. According to Time, he even challenged the charge of culpable homicide all the way to the Supreme Court of India, but the case was sent back to lower courts in 2013.

In the years since the crash, several witnesses recanted their original statements, but it wasn't enough to sway the verdict. Khan reportedly started crying when he heard his sentence.

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