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The Takata recall debacle keeps spiraling as the father of a pregnant woman killed in Malaysia allegedly due to the malfunctioning airbag has filed suit against both the equipment manufacturer and Honda in a court in Florida.

The case reportedly revolves around one Law Suk Leh, 42, who was driving her 2003 Honda City on Borneo Island in Malaysia this past July. She was driving at about 20 miles per hour when her car was struck by another. Her airbag deployed with inordinate force, metal shrapnel sliced her neck and she died in the ambulance en route to the local hospital. The baby she was carrying was delivered after the mother's death, but died three days later.

Now her father, Law Ngee Chiong, is suing the airbag manufacturer and the automaker on behalf of the estates of his late daughter and granddaughter in a US federal court in Miami. The suit was reportedly filed in the United States because the faulty inflator is made in LaGrange, GA.

US District Judge Federico Moreno is currently evaluating about two dozen such personal-injury and death cases, including the one in question, for pretrial rulings and evidence-gathering. Leh's case is one of six deaths blamed on the defective Takata airbags, which have caused automakers and government regulators to recall an estimated 24 million vehicles around the world.

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