Furious 7 already rocketed through movie theaters this year as a worldwide hit thanks in large part to its crazy car stunts. If you're searching for another high-octane, action fix before the next F&F sequel in April 2017, look no further than Mad Max: Fury Road. The film hits US cinemas on May 15, and the last trailer before the release shows even more of this over-the-top vehicular extravaganza.

Fury Road went through years of production before arriving on the screen, and all of the trailers so far have shown the fourth Mad Max installment as a wild cinematic ride on par with the earlier movies. The latest one provides a closer look at this dystopian future that includes a weird robotic claw for Charlize Theron, a guy with an oxygen mask decorated with teeth, and a armada of modified, fire-spitting cars. You also get thoroughly campy dialogue like, "You're sitting on 2,000 horsepower of nitro-boosted war machine." Plus, there are explosions; lots and lots of explosions.

Regardless of your take on Tom Hardy taking over for Mel Gibson as Max, this looks like a seriously fun theater experience. Check out the trailer above.

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