If you happen to be making pilgrimage to Jerusalem and a shady woman in her mid-30s asks you for a cigarette, we'd suggest you give her one. Otherwise she might light your car on fire.

That's what one motorist in the Israeli capital found out the hard way, as revealed in this video captured by a closed-circuit security camera at a gas station on the city's Bethlehem Road. The woman apparently asked the man filling up his car at the pump for a smoke, and when he refused, she tossed a lighter at the pump nozzle in his tank.

Flaming gasoline engulfed the teal Suzuki Splash as the culprit fled the scene and the man ran for his life. His brother was reportedly in the passenger seat but does not appear to have been harmed. (Kudos to the driver, incidentally, for acting fast to pull the nozzle out of the tank before the fire spread.)

According to YnetNews.com – the English-language online portal of Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronoth – police arrested the suspect, a 35-year-old woman known to locals and identified by her own mother as "mentally unstable."

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