Dodge Vipers selling for $480k in China

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Want to get your hands on a new Dodge Viper? Be prepared to pay dearly. It starts at nearly $90k here in the US, but that's nothing compared to what you'd have to pay for one if you lived in, say, China. reports on one Viper available in Beijing for an eye-watering 298 million yuan – equivalent to about $480,000 at today's exchange rates and representing more than a 500-percent markup.

Part of that premium comes down to the Chinese tax code that charges a reported 60 percent for anything with an engine displacing over four liters. And the Viper's, we needn't remind you, is more than twice that. It naturally costs some to import a car to China as well, but most of the rest is pure profit.

The Beijing dealership reportedly gets the cars from dealers in California, has already sold three and plans to import several more. The dealer can also get you (or wealthy Chinese individuals) a Corvette Stingray for a comparatively cheap 1.73 million yuan (or $280k).

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