Mystery man buys fast food worker a new car

A mystery man bought a Tennessee fast food worker a new car.

34-year-old Jeff Smith told WKRN he was approached by an older stranger as he was exiting a grocery store. The two struck up a conversation about Smith's 1991 Geo Storm. The vehicle is falling apart; it has more than 350,000 miles on it, a cracked dashboard, no drivers side window, and a door that is literally being held closed by a small hook.

The stranger asked Smith to follow him down the road to James Motors, but then asked the fast food worker to wait outside.

Smith told WKRN, "He comes back out and says, 'How do you like that blue pickup?' I said. 'It looks great.' Then he said, 'Well, I bought it and it's yours now.' [...] It's just a blessing. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me."

At first, Smith didn't believe this was even real. But the owner of James Motors showed up at the fast food restaurant where he works with the keys and title to the 2001 navy blue GMC Sonoma.

The mysterious benefactor didn't want to be identified, but asked smith to do something nice for someone else in the future.

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