Remember the car that the rich, very attractive girl in your high school got on her 16th birthday? Was it a Volkswagen Cabriolet? But time marches on, and the boxy convertibles have attained a certain quirky coolness in the modern day. MotorWeek weighs in with a look at the 1989 model in the latest entry in its Retro Review series.

MotorWeek actually comes away rather impressed with the Cabriolet, especially its handling. The show doesn't even complain about the big roll bar over the center of the car that has always looked more like a basket handle than a safety aid. Host John Davis must have enjoyed driving the droptop VW, too – despite his very '80s windbreaker and polo shirt ensemble, he was sporting quite the tan in this clip.

The small, inexpensive convertible segment has largely disappeared today, but as MotorWeek shows by comparing the Cabriolet to the Chrysler LeBaron and Chevrolet Cavalier, it wasn't always this way. Take a ride in VW's droptop to see how it scores.

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