Washington State bill would fine left-lane hogs for going too slow

Left-lane hogs are the bane of practically every driver's existence. You just want to get over to pass a slower vehicle and find someone puttering along at or sometimes even below the speed limit. A bill currently in the Washington State Senate would go after this major annoyance directly by giving police more power to issue fines.

Washington Senate Bill 6105 certainly doesn't mince words about dawdling traffic in the fast lane, and this proposal is supposed to "address obnoxious, inconsiderate, and dangerous behavior." If it passes, there would be a new crime in the state called "aggravated left lane driving." People doing 1-5 miles per hour under the limit when they should be passing could receive a $27 fine. From there, things only get worse for offenders with a $37 penalty at 6-10 mph, $52 at 11-15 mph and $67 for driving 16-20 mph too slow.

It's actually already illegal to hang out in the passing lane in Washington State, and according to Motor Trend, the law carries a $124 fine for offenders. The police apparently enforce the rule, too. These new punishments would even be in addition to the current one, if the bill passes.

Washington seems to have a habit of trying to encourage good driving manners through legislation. Another bill there would have fined people for stealing EV-only parking spots, and it was also the first state to ban texting while driving.

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