Despite some members of congress supporting the long-serving A-10 Warthog, a decision on the durable attacker's fate remains uncertain. The plane tapped to succeed it, though, the F-35 Lightning II, got initial approval from the Armed Services Committee.

That's according to staffers who spoke to Stars and Stripes and confirmed that lawmakers support acquiring more of the controversial Joint Strike Fighters, although it's not clear how many of the so-called Block 2Bs will be ordered. The full Armed Services Committee will sort that out when it hammers out the upcoming National Defense Authorization Act.

While members of the ASC support the move, both the Pentagon and the Government Accountability Office are less sure. As we reported previously, the Pentagon has expressed its reservations about the F-35's close-air-support abilities, while the Government Accountability Office has argued that ordering more planes before testing is completed is not a great idea. According to staffers speaking to Stars and Stripes, classified security briefings are forcing the government's hand, though.

As for the A-10, it's fate likely won't be decided until a full committee session later this month, S&S reports, when the committee votes on the NDAA and pass it to the House of Representatives.

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