Xcar drives Morgan Plus 8 Speedster

The Morgan Motor Company does not produce sports cars in the volumes of say, Porsche, but the Brits certainly have staying power. Vehicles are still rolling out of the company's Pickersleigh Road factory more than 100 years after the first one, and Xcar is now checking out the model that celebrates that centenary with a drive in the Plus 8 Speedster.

The car evokes a vintage era of high-performance driving in a modern package. The styling looks straight from the '40s, complete with a leather belt holding down the bonnet, and there's no roof or windows to speak of. However, underneath the retro design is a modern, bonded-aluminum chassis and BMW-sourced 4.8-liter V8 making 367 horsepower.

Xcar admits the Speedster has imperfections, but can't deny it's a very special machine to drive. You're not likely to see one on the road because all 60 units of the limited production are already sold. The host here looks ready to take on the Red Baron in a coat, scarf and goggles. Take a ride with him in this modern sports car that wears a vintage suit.

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