Petrolicious undoubtedly makes some fantastic videos, but it often focuses on expensive, rare vehicles that many people might not be able to afford for their garage. This week the spotlight shifts to a modern coupe that's fairly accessible: the Volkswagen Scirocco.

Owner Jason Cammisa is a senior editor at Road & Track, and his job puts him behind the wheel of some of the world's fastest supercars. Despite that, he has kept driving this 16-valve Scirocco that he has owned since college.

The Scirocco is an easy car to love, though. Its simple, angular lines still look beautiful on the road today. While the four-cylinder engine doesn't make huge power, the coupe is nimble and ideal for a drive over twisty roads.

Cammisa also makes an interesting point about owning affordable classics like this. Without a wealthy owner base like those that support vintage Corvettes or Porsches, there's little desire in the aftermarket to produce spare parts for his Scirocco. He worries about keeping the VW on the road decades into the future. For now, enjoy this '80s coupe thanks to this great clip from Petrolicious.

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