De-icer kept in car explodes, leaving woman severely burned

A Washington woman barely escaped with her life after a can of de-icer exploded and engulfed her and her car in flames, earlier this month.

Matison Long was eating lunch with a friend inside her car in Olympia, WA, when she pushed her seat back to give herself more room. What she didn't know was that a can of de-icer left over from winter was underneath the seat.

De-icing fluid is contains several dangerous chemicals including Methyl Alcohol, several propellants and carbon dioxide, all under pressure in an aerosol can. The Consumer Product Safety Commission considers de-icers highly flammable. When Long pushed her seat back the mechanics underneath her seat punctured the can. The electric wring provided a spark for ignition.

"It punctured the can and they said the wiring underneath the car, the electric seating, it was all perfect timing for that to go off. So it punctured it and set it on fire," Long told Fox Q13.

Long told the news station she heard a loud pop and thirty seconds later the car was engulfed with flames. She spent 10 days in the hospital suffering from sever burns and may require a skin graft in the future. Her family has set up a GoFundMe site to help with medical bills while Long recovers.

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