Ferrari Car Club USA Car Club USA: Ferrari Club of America

Car Club USA heads to Florida for the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, where for the Ferrari Club of America, the real fun begins the day after the storied endurance race. Ferrari owners from across the country gather every year to watch the pros on race day, and then take over the track to get a chance to run their Italian Stallions at speed.

dictatorsThe cars of notorious dictators

It's good to be the king, at least until your people have had enough of you. This week, we're going to the opposite end of the political spectrum, looking at what history's mad men drove throughout their repressive and violent regimes. Everyone from Hitler to Mussolini and many more are represented on our list.

Audi S4 Audi spotted testing new S4 at the Nurburgring

Where there's smoke, there's fire. Only in this case, the smoke is the upcoming new Audi A4, and the fire is the S4 spotted undergoing testing in this latest batch of spy shots. It's one of our favorite sport sedans, and we've got the most compelling photos.

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