Tesla keeps introducing autonomous driving features to its vehicles one step at a time. Already, the luxury EVs offer things like lane departure warning and speed limit assist, and the 7.0 software update should even include auto-steering. Bosch is leaping over all of that to show the future of driverless technology in the Model S right now – at least with a good helping of CGI for assistance.

The parts supplier's video mock-up demonstrates some of the near-term possibilities of autonomous tech with a Tesla as the guinea pig. This isn't the far-flung future of complete autopilot, though. There's still a modicum of real driving involved, and before setting off, the person behind the wheel even gets to select the route to balance between manual and automatic motoring.

Bosch's suite of solutions only allows autonomous driving on some stretches of road, and to activate the system, the driver must hold in two buttons on the steering wheel for three seconds. After that, the person is free to check email or watch videos online. Perhaps it's just the newness of this tech, but seeing someone paying zero attention to the road while behind the wheel is terrifying. When the time comes to take back control, the info screen displays warnings multiple times.

As one of the world's largest automotive parts suppliers, it's not not surprising to see Bosch demonstrating this kind of tech. Unfortunately, the German company doesn't suggest actually how close or realistic any of these features are to the road. For now, that means owners need to be content with the real-world technological marvels of the Model S.

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