The last time Tesla Motors upped the battery capacity level of its base Model S – in 2013 – the automaker said it would cancel the 40-kW version because so few people were ordering them. Trouble was, a few people had already ordered the lower-capacity Model S. The number was so small that Tesla didn't think that building any 40-kWh vehicles was worth it, so the company just shipped the 40-kWh customers a 60-kWh model with some software loaded up to limit the battery to use only 40 of those 60 kWhs.

With the announcement last week of a new Model S 70D, we wondered how the elimination of the "low-end" Model S would be handled this time around. Turns out, Tesla is not going to only make one battery pack (the 85-kWh version for the P85 models) and limit it for the 70D buyers. Khobi Brooklyn, Tesla's director of global communications, told AutoblogGreen that the 70D "has a true 70-kWh battery pack. The combination of the two high efficiency motors helps us achieve the 240 [mile] range."

The 70D is available to order from Tesla's website for $75,000 (before incentives), plus $1,200 for destination. Those numbers might help the company sell more of the vehicle, which Brooklyn said is the whole point. "The goal of the 70D is to broaden market appeal of Teslas," she said. "We think this is a compelling offer with the added value of AWD and increased range."

Brookyln also said Tesla "will deliver customers their 60-kWh Model S as they've ordered them." That version has an EPA-certified electric range of 208 miles and started at $70,000. It is no longer available to order from Tesla.

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