After what has felt like years of teasing, the absolutely beautiful looking Project Cars has been given a release date – it will hit store shelves on May 6. That's this year. Not 2016. Not 2032. This year.

Of course, we aren't sure how set in stone that date really is. According to Autoblog's sister site, Engadget, Project Cars has already been stung by three release delays, so there's only so much faith we can muster for this latest target date.

Should May 6 stick, though, Project Cars will launch first for PCs (via Steam), as part of a staggered release. Next up, Xbox One and Playstation 4 gamers in Europe and Australia will be able to pick up the racer on May 7, British sales start on May 8 and finally, those of us in North America can snag a copy on May 12.

Of course, we'll be trying to get a copy for review, so you can read up Project Cars before making your way to the local electronics store.

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