Japan is a place where superheroes are seemingly just riding around in public. Joining Batman and his replica Batpod from last year is homegrown hero Kamen Rider. KR is on a mission to stop drunk driving on his customized two-stroke motorcycle, in the city of Kitakyushu.

Despite the massive pipes sticking out of the back of Kamen Rider's cycle, you can hear the distinctive ring-ding-ding sound of a two-stroke engine. While he doesn't show much haste when setting off, the guy still certainly looks fast with his head down and moving side to side when coming to a stop light. Look closely when the hero puts his arm up in the clip, and you can see the armband that says "Stop Drunk Driving," according to Comics Alliance.

Kamen Rider premiered on Japanese TV in 1971 and told the story of a motorcycle-riding hero who fought a terrorist organization while looking like a grasshopper. The show has remained popular to this day, with multiple movies and television series over the years.

Unfortunately, this superhero has had his secret identity revealed. According to Comics Alliance, the real man behind the Kamen Rider mask is an artist who builds sculptures out of cans. We can't wait to meet him.

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