More than 230 cars feature in the action-packed film Furious 7 were crushed into cubes after production wrapped.

Dennis McCarthy, picture car coordinator for the "Fast and the Furious" franchise, told The Wall Street Journal that cars damaged during filming were meticulously traced throughout the process to ensure wrecks went to the wrecker. The crew of Furious 7 insisted cars were destroyed to prevent faulty or damaged cars from falling into the public's hands.

During the filming of one particularly bang-up car chase on Colorado's Monarch Pass, McCarthy estimates that 40 or more cars were destroyed.

It isn't unusual for hundreds of cars to be scrapped after filming is done. The Blues Brothers was the long-reigning champion of on-screen auto destruction, with 103 cars totaled in the famous car chase scene, according to Car Throttle. But recent films have knocked the "Brothers" down from their position at number one. Fast and Furious 5 sent 260 cars to the crusher, for example. Another giant of an action film franchise, Transformers 3, destroyed 532 cars.

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