Dutch students build hydrogen-powered Forze VI

Series like the FIA World Endurance Championship, Formula E and even Formula 1 are showing that exploiting hybrids and EVs to their full performance potential can lead to blistering lap times and exciting racing. A group of students at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands are already looking towards the next big potential motorsports breakthrough with the Forze VI hydrogen fuel cell racer.

The Forze VI recently completed its first major shakedown and performed with aplomb based on this video. The YouTube description says the car was able to run around the cones for 40 minutes, and it registered 67 horsepower of fuel cell power and 107 hp from the traction motor. The little roadster certainly looked purposeful too with a long nose and the driver positioned nearly over the rear wheels.

According to the students' project website, the Forze VI can reportedly hit 62 miles an hour in less than four seconds and reach a claimed top speed of 131 mph. Two tanks carry a total of 6.6 pounds of hydrogen that's stored at 5,076 psi. Underneath the svelte body is a chassis based on a Lotus Seven, and the whole thing weighs just 1,896 pounds.

Lapping around the cones in this clip is a big step towards the team's eventual goal of attempting a new fuel cell lap record around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The Forze VI might need to hurry, though. Another team of Dutch university students announced a similar endeavor last year.

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