The Forestal-class carrier USS Ranger has had a long and illustrious career, spending 36 years in service, including stints in both Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. It also featuring in a number of films, with high-profile rolls in Top Gun and Flight of the Intruder. At this very moment, though, it's on its way to its final resting place, a scrappage facility in Brownsville, TX after it was sold by the Navy for one penny.

Traveling under tow, the supercarrier was captured via drone off the coast of California. The footage is, in a word, eerie. There's a ghost-ship quality to the Ranger, as the drone flies over, capturing its stripped down flight deck.

Ranger finds itself in this position following its decommissioning in 1993. Repeated efforts to convert the carrier to a museum ship were unsuccessful, and now, it's set to meet the same fate as its sister ships, the Forestal and Saratoga, which were also broken up in Brownsville.

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