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Looking across the Pacific at Australia's car-based utes is always a little exciting because it's a glimpse at a land where models not unlike the classic Chevrolet El Camino survive. Now, the Aussies are about to see how the US builds big trucks thanks to a deal to import the Ram 2500 and 3500 into the country.

This new market entry comes about thanks to a deal between Ram and the New Zealand importer of FCA products, and once across the ocean, the trucks are converted to right-hand drive. The automaker has "worked closely with our engineers to produce a vehicle that is as close to an official factory right-hand-drive vehicle as it can be without it having actually run down the factory production line," Clyde Campbell, co-owner of Fiat Chrysler New Zealand," said to Drive.

The first batch of pickups is set to go on sale to Kiwis and Aussies in October, but further details about them aren't disclosed yet, including available powertrains and price. Drive estimates the Ram 3500 to retail for over 100,000 Australian dollars ($76,000). The trucks are being aimed at those with heavy loads to haul like industrial companies or people with large horse trailers.

These might not be the last two Ram models to make it Down Under, either. According to Drive, the New Zealand importer is working to strike a similar deal to bring the Ram 1500 across the Pacific in the future.

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