Honda Civic Coupe ConceptFive signs that Honda cares about the enthusiast again

It's a great time to be an enthusiast. From high-horsepower Hellcats to the purist BRZ, engaging automobiles are found in nearly every segment of the market. Everyone wants to join the performance parade. Everyone it seemed, but Honda.

Translogic future parkingTranslogic and Ford look at the future of parking

Translogic demos Ford's remote parking program by driving a golf cart around campus from the comfort of an off-site lab; think of remote parking as a virtual valet. Then we see how Ford's "parking spotter" works, a crowd-sourced way of finding an open space.

Florida driving instructor crash at DisneyDriving instructors have dangerous jobs

Yesterday, a driving instructor tragically died after the Lamborghini he was a passenger in lost control and struck a guardrail. It was at least the third death in the past year at speedways in the US that allow customers to get behind the wheel of a fast car.

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