Having grown up in the Midwest, I can confidently say that tornadoes are terrifying. I have personally seen massive, black clouds start swirling overhead. I've heard the sirens, been through the drills in school and in my own home, and have even seen the aftermath of a tornado causing terrible damage way too close to where I lived.

What I've never witnessed, though, is a tornado pass right past me while out on the road. And now that I've seen it on video, I'm eternally grateful to have never had it happen in real life, as it did to one man near Rochelle, IL, on April 9, 2015.

For those interested in more details in the storm that passed through the Midwestern United States in April, you can find what you're looking for from Weather.com. But even if you don't want to know more, be sure to watch the video above to see what a tornado looks like up close and personal, from the driver's seat. And if you ever find yourself in such a position, we'd suggest you find a safer place to be.

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