Popular ride sharing business Uber often courts controversy all over the world as it takes on the traditional way that taxis are run, but the company's recent promotional campaign in Canada seems like a pretty fantastic idea that every city might want to consider.

The concept is called Uber Safe and is as simple as a breathalyzer on the sidewalk. The company set up the special kiosk on a curb and invited people to take a straw to see if they were over the legal limit. If someone was too drunk to drive, Uber dispatched a car for a free ride home. The idea for the campaign came from the creative agency Rethink, according to Adweek.

The company has done similar safety campaigns before like when it donated a dollar to Mothers Against Drunk Driving for each ride booked on the night between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Still, Uber Safe seems like a great high-tech evolution of that strategy and a wonderful way to keep inebriated people off the road.

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