Video has surfaced (no pun intended) of the nuclear-powered Oscar II sub of the Russian Navy burning at its Severodvinsk dock. The BBC reports a spokesman for the shipyard has confirmed there is no environmental danger, radioactive or otherwise, as there was no fuel or weaponry on board.

The Russian Investigative Committee is investigating the cause of the fire aboard the Orel. Local media is claiming the fire was started by welding work, which sparked insulation. While video of the incident has emerged via The Guardian (shown above), the BBC has since reported that the fire has been put out, and the boat is no longer in danger.

"The source of the smoke on the submarine Orel, which is undergoing a refit at Zvezdochka, has been completely put out," shipyard spokesman Yevgeny Gladyshev told the Beeb. "Smoke is no longer coming out, only steam."

Shipyard personnel flooded the sub's dock to put out the fire, a move which Gladyshev said would not harm the sub's equipment, thanks to its still-sealed inner hull.

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