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2015 Sarolea SP7 debuts ahead of the TT Zero

The Return Of The Dark Horse

  • Image Credit: Saroléa
On Easter Sunday, the mezzanine of the Autoworld Brussels museum floor was carpeted by more than a hundred historic motorcycles in a special exhibition. Front and center, and the newest among them, was the 2015 version of the Saroléa SP7, a carbon-fiber black beauty making its very first public appearance.

Similar looking to the bike that resurrected the Belgian brand last year, this updated electric retro rocket has a few tricks up its revised sleeves. It's going to need them. Although its official goal is to make the podium of the Isle of Man's TT Zero – a 37.73-mile rip around the Snaefell Mountain Course – it really needs a significant improvement over last year's performance for real bragging rights.

Then, it missed the bottom step by a heart-breaking .37 seconds, thanks to an extraordinary effort by the Buckeye Current team from Ohio State University and rider Rob Barber. But the SP7 fell short in another key way. Its average speed of 93.507 miles per hour over the one-lap race was short of the ton (100 mph) and far behind the 117.366 mph marker laid down by winner John McGuinness aboard the Mugen Shinden San.

This latest Saroléa SP7 does have some pretty awesome numbers to recommend it, however. The slimmer, lighter design is said to hustle its 190-kg (418-pound) mass to 100 kph (62 mph) in 2.8 seconds from a dead stop, and reach a top speed of 270 kph (168 mph). Besides improved aerodynamics, rider positioning and center of gravity, the outfit is quick to point out that the motor is the biggest advance from the original machine. Designed in-house, the unit is said to be good for a peak 110 kW (147.5 horsepower) and an utterly massive 900 Nm (664 pound-feet) of torque. Yikes!

The TT contest is the de facto measure of electric motorcycle performance today, and it requires the absolute best technology to supply both the power and energy needed for a top finish. For 2015, bragging rights will probably start with a 120-mile-per-hour average speed. While it may be a lot to expect of this relatively new team to beat the established champions, with rider Robert Wilson aboard, we certainly hope the return of this dark horse sees a performance breakthrough.

You can read the English version of the official press release below, along with all the updated specifications for this race-prepared bike. Expect to hear more from this company in the future. While he didn't specifically say whether there would be a consumer edition any time soon, principal Torsten Robbens did mention to AutoblogGreen that it hopes to " stick some lights on soon."
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On sunday the new 2015 Saroléa Electric Superbike was presented at the fantastic location of Autoworld Brussels. The new Saroléa is an evolution of the 2014 model and has been modified and enhanced on many levels.

The goal for the Belgian brand is to compete for the podium at TT ZERO competion on the Isle of Man. The talented Scottish rider Robert Wilson, who flew over for the presentation, will once again ride the Saroléa SP7.

For 2015 nothing was left to chance. Team Saroléa used the data acquisition from last years race and testing to optimise its motorcycle.

The new design has improved aerodynamics which will provide higher top speeds. The motorcycle is way slimmer which also enhances the position for the rider.

Modifications to shift the center of gravity will also increase the bikes handling.

Saroléa managed to decrease the weight even more. The modifications are mainly related to the use of more Carbon Fibre and more Titanium parts as well as the use of 3D printed parts.

A proprietary Vehicle Control Unit and Battery Management System have been implemented. All communication is now flowing through fiber optics.

The biggest news however is the new motor. It has been entirely developed in house and it has a major increase in torque. Saroléa reports a 50% increase.

With the launch of the new SP7, it's clear Saroléa wants to become one of the major brands on the electric motorcycle racing scene.

Saroléa itself uses the extreme racing conditions as a research and development platform for its propriety Saroléa Electric Drivetrain.

Other applications for this technology are also being considered.



* Total Weight (kg) – 190
* Acceleration 0-100 kph (0-60 mph) – 2.8 sec
* Maximum Speed (kph [mph]) – 270 [168]
* Tyres
* Front – Bridgestone Racing Battlax V02 120/600R17
* Rear – Bridgestone Racing Battlax V02 200/655R17
* Brakes
* Front – Beringer 320mm Aeronal discs with Aerotec Radial Calipers
* Rear – Beringer Aerotec 2D1 caliper
* Maximum Output (KW [hp]) – 110 [150] (Isle of Man configuration)
* Maximum Torque (Nm) – 900
* Battery Output Voltage (V) – 370 or more


* Bridgestone Europe
* Beta Tools
* DQ Advocates
* Punch
* Motokouture
* Seco Tools
* Beringer
* Autoworld Brussels
* Benton Apps
* Atelier Noterman
* Stoddart Racing

The 3-D Printed Electric Motorcycle

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