Tesla nabs Red Bull mechanic for service training

If you're at all familiar with pit stops during modern Formula 1, you know that the cars race through the process in the blink of an eye. Red Bull even managed one in a scant 2.05 seconds during the 2013 Malaysian Grand Prix. Now, Tesla has decided to take advantage of some of that speed and skill by hiring Kenny Handkammer (pictured above), the team's former chief mechanic, as global director of service training.

Based on his Twitter profile, Handkammer spent 25 years in F1 and had a hand in a thoroughly impressive 13 world championships and 97 race victories in that time. He even worked with champions like Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel, according to Engadget. Handkammer left Red Bull in October 2014, which was around the same time Vettel bid farewell to the squad.

Elon Musk tweeted a welcome to the new hire and said, "He will apply Formula 1 techniques to revolutionize servicing mainstream cars."

Given Tesla's hopes to launch battery quick-swap locations, Handkammer might be the perfect person for this job. If he can get a team to replace four wheels quicker than you can read this sentence, maybe he can find ways to make the exchanges for EVs even easier.
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