In the ranking of places that could be considered paradise on Earth, Hawaii is very, very near the top. In fact, one of the only ways to improve the Aloha State might be to see it from behind the wheel of the prettiest Volvo ever made – the P1800.

John Patterson gets to do just that, piloting a gorgeous red P1800 along a gorgeous stretch of tarmac on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, the northernmost of Hawaii's main islands. His fixed route gets him to and from work, and that's about it, owing to the unique way of life in his state.

"There's nowhere to go, so having a car is not a way to express your independence and how you're going to leave and go out on the open road to have an adventure," Patterson told Petrolicious. "You're really just going to drive it around... and then go home the same way you went."

Take a look at Patterson, his P1800 and the gorgeous Hawaiian scenery in the latest video from the team at Petrolicious.

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