audi 4000 obrien rally schoolThe List goes to rally school

Rally Champion Tim O'Neil gives Jessi and Patrick some lessons in dashing through the snow. Our hosts turn out to be quick studies, but not before plowing over a few cones. Check out the techniques these two learn an apply in both a Ford Fiesta and an old-school Quattro-equipped Audi.

jaguar xke garage mad menOur favorite cars from Mad Men

As AMC's Mad Men starts the second half of its final season, we look back at the cars that made us wish we worked for Sterling Cooper. Or Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Or Sterling Cooper & Partners. Whatever, you get the idea. Just check out the cars and tell us your own personal favorites.

rolls royce phantom high car wingThe Rolls-Royce AWD development mule is totally awesome

Rolls-Royce is working a "high-bodied car" that everyone will call an SUV, and is testing the all-wheel-drive system on a modified short-bodied Phantom. Spoiler alert: that sweet rear wing, unfortunately, will never make prodection.

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