A report in Bloomberg takes a look at various obstacles Tesla has tripped over in its first year in China, and there's one stumbling block that looms larger than the rest: range anxiety. Chinese buyers are still not confident enough that they'll have the juice to get where they're going, a perception partly due to a still-nascent but growing infrastructure and partly to incidents of the local sales team "telling people that it was difficult to charge in China," as CEO Elon Musk explained in a conference call. So, in a matter of seven months Tesla went from "selling like gangbusters" to multiple senior executive departures, tiny monthly sales and the threat of layoffs.

But there have been other issues: not enough back-seat comfort for the moneyed class who could buy Teslas and which likes to be chauffeured, "unpopular" navigation maps and a lack of the locally important apps in the system, weak after-sales service, depositors canceling their orders over the unusual span of time between order and delivery and "speculators" doing the same, the result being a hefty batch of idle product.

The company is working every angle, however, to correct its China course – and it has to, if it wants to hit Musk's aggressive projections. Head over to Bloomberg to read the story of how it got China wrong and wants to put it right.

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