Anyone with even a passing familiarity in motorsports knows that it's not a cheap hobby to get into, and only gets more expensive as a driver climbs through the ranks of competition. But like golf, sports car racing offers a chance to constantly press for improvement, and shedding a fraction of a second off of a lap time is like knocking a stroke off of a hole. Of course when on the links, pushing too far doesn't put you into a wall at high speeds. Combined with the allure of horsepower and roar of the engine, it makes sense that members of Silicon Valley's tech elite are showing interest in the track.

High performance isn't exactly a foreign concept to Silicon Valley, though, Elon Musk famously owned (and wrecked) a McLaren F1, and Bill Gates imported a Porsche 959 even before US laws really let him drive it. Still, a recent article in The New York Times has found a growing trend of tech execs mixing business with lapping the track.

Folks from Yahoo, Google and Facebook are going racing on the weekends in what The New York Times calls "a small but growing group." They find that it's a great way to network, and there are even meetings to bring clients or employees to the track to form stronger bonds. Even if motoring among the masses is slowly trailing off, pushing a car around a circuit is still seductive. Read the whole article for yourself, here.

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