Explore Dom's 1970 'off-road' Dodge Charger from Furious 7

The Aficionauto, Christopher Rutkowski, already drove Dom's 1970 Dodge Charger from Fast & Furious and Fast Five. Now he's returning to the franchise for an interview with Dennis McCarthy, the vehicle coordinator on the last five Fast and Furious films, plus a close look at the custom off-road Charger that's one of the automotive stars in Furious 7. Given his resume, when McCarthy admits this is his new all-time favorite vehicle from the franchise, it really means something.

Don't worry. McCarthy is careful not to spoil any of the film's action while he shows off the Charger and Shaw's fast attack vehicle that takes on the Dodge. McCarthy does reveal the one car that he still dreams to build for the series, and it's something that every fan should see.

This looks like a fantastic blockbuster movie season for anyone that loves to watch cars crash and explode on the big screen. Furious 7 is in theaters right now, and based on the trailer, it promises the biggest stunts ever from the long-running franchise. And in just a few weeks, Mad Max: Fury Road hits cinemas to add a dystopian tinge to the automotive action.

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