Driving a supercar like the McLaren P1 during a launch event is one thing. And Chris Harris has done that, bringing his film crew along to document the experience. But driving one cross country on public roads over the course of days is another matter entirely. So to see how Woking's hybrid hypercar behaves as a daily driver, Harris drove one around and in between two of the UK's finest racing circuits.

Documented in the video above, everyone's favorite British automotive journalist picks up a black P1 at Anglesey – that picturesque circuit by the seashore in Wales – and drives it to Goodwood, home of the Festival of Speed and so many other octane-drenched extravaganzas. Along the way (and in between track lapping sessions), he treats a stranger to a drive, drags it against an Audi RS6 and highlights the finer points of experiencing a supercar out in the wild.

It's well worth the 19 minutes of play time, so check out the footage to see what it's like to live with nearly 1,000 horsepower under your right foot.

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