The vast majority – if not quite all – of the Vision Gran Turismo concepts created thus far for cyberspace have come from established automakers, keen to show off what they would make if they were bound by no rules. Except for one.

Alpine, you see, doesn't currently make any actual cars. It has in the past, it will in the future, and it even races Nissan-powered LMP2 prototypes. But for the time being, you can't actually go into a showroom and buy a new Alpine, no matter where it is you live in the world.

That means the Renault sports car marque had to get a bit more creative in finding the inspiration for its Vision Gran Turismo design. And in this latest video, that's just what it's showing us – and in a style, no less, that could only be managed by a Franco-Japanese automaker like the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

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