Alright meow, listen up. The Broken Lizard crew is hard at work crowdfunding a sequel to the cult-classic screwball comedy Super Troopers, and they need the help of hellraisers in white Miatas (or, you know, Autoblog readers).

Super Troopers 2 is running an IndieGoGo campaign with a goal of raising $2 million. The prizes are, well, they're suitably assorted. On the low end, you can spend $10 and get your name on a thank-you page on the film's website. But it's not the low-end rewards we're interested in, it's the car that comes with the tip-top award.

Spend $35,000, and you'll get a whole heap of lower tier rewards, be named as a producer (which is a $10,000 prize in itself) and you'll walk away with an actual patrol car that was used in the film. You won't get it until June of 2016, but the cast will sign it for you. No word on if you'll be forced to call it Car Ram-Rod.

As one Autoblog staffer pointed out, spending that much money "is pretty dumb if all you want is a cop car," even if it does appear on film, "but pretty cool if you're the kind of creepy person who drives around hoping people will ask you for a mustache ride."

Check out the very not-safe-for-work promotional video up top. Regardless of whether your shenanigans are cheeky and fun or tragic and cruel, go chip in to support Super Troopers 2.

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